How to 10x Your Web Site Sales & Leads in Just 6 Weeks  Even If You Have No Online Marketing Experience

How many sales, phone calls or walk-ins does your web site currently generate for your business on a weekly basis?

Do you know the answer?   The chances are very few.

Well,  the chances are very few.

Why's this the case?

There are a number of possible reasons...

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    Your market can't see you in the Search Engines
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    Your web site looks terrible on a Smartphone  
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    Your web pages are Poorly Written

Let's go through each of these problems in more detail...

  • Search Engine Visibility​

Put simply, can people who are looking for a product or service that you provide actually see your web site in Google or the other search engines?  If they can't then you're missing out on sales.  Imagine having a shop on a street that nobody drives down, you simply wouldn't open one there would you?

However your web site is your own virtual shop, so why would you go to the time and expense of creating it without considering how you're actually going to get people visiting it?  Business owners will pay higher rent for a good physical location but don't put any investment in the visibility of their web sites ... does that make any sense to you?

More and More People Search Online when they need to find a Local Business

Other than word of mouth (which is powerful), most people turn to Google or Bing when they need a service these days ... so it should be really important to you and your business to ensure there's a really strong chance that your web site is where they click to first when they search.

The good news is ... that when you know how, getting your web site to rank well isn't as hard or as expensive as you think it might be!

The even better news is that when you invest in the Masterclass training, you'll quickly learn how to create all the visibility you need to get a constant stream of new enquiries coming in ... just think for a moment how much that would be worth to your business?

The internet is just not going to go away, going forward it's just going to get even more important as a source of leads for any business therefore if you're going to be successful then you're going to have to invest in your online identity ... simply having a web site that no one can actually find isn't going to cut it!

  • Mobile Friendly

How does your web site look on a smartphone or tablet?

Have you ever looked to see how your web pages appear on a smartphone or tablet?  Gone are the days when people looked your business up on a desktop computer...

Over 60% of local searches are now done on a Smartphone!

So if your web pages aren't designed to look good on one of these devices (and most local web pages don't), then you're going to lose a lot of potential customers who'll simply click away to web sites they can read easily.

Put bluntly ... in today's world your site has to be mobile friendly otherwise you'll be leaving a lot of money in other peoples' pockets!

Not sure what you need to do ... when you invest in the Masterclass you'll quickly learn the changes that you need to make and the features that you need to include on your pages to make sure your visitors don't just click away on arrival.

  • Your Web Copy

Who is Your Web Copy written for?

Your customers ... are you sure?

Most local business web pages describe what they provide and how good they are at doing it.  There is little thought as to what it is the visitor is actually wanting to know!

If you don't believe me then go and take a look as some local business sites ... the majority are boring and fail to give a compelling reason as to why I should pick up the phone to use you!

What you're web copy should talk to is why I should use you and not your competitors.  What do you offer or guarantee that will address both my needs and fears ... why should I trust you with my money?

Most of us have heard the saying "people buy benefits not features", yet we all still write about features ... what we'll do rather than the results our customers will receive.

Seriously, go and take look at your site and those of your competitors.  Can you see what I'm saying?   As soon as you write to address your prospects needs and concerns you'll see an immediate increase in orders and enquiries ...

The Masterclass will show you how to recognise your clients needs; you'll learn how to turn your features in to benefits and how to identify a Unique Selling Point (USP) for your business that you can use in all of your marketing.  The video tutorials and workbook exercises will help you to transform your web site in to a selling machine literally overnight as we address your web copy in week one. 

So are You Ready to Transform Your Web Site in to a Lead Generation Machine?

With the Masterclass you will become an online marketing expert in just 6 weeks and steal a massive advantage over your competitors. 

When you optimise your online marketing you'll see a rapid upturn in your profits and a stream of new leads coming in to your business on a daily basis.

Here's how the Masterclass will help you in the next 6 weeks...

Your 6 Week Journey Through the Masterclass...

  • STEP 1:  In weeks 1 & 2 you'll discover how to turn more of your Visitors in to Buyers
  • STEP 2:  In weeks 3 & 4 you'll learn how to generate a Stream of Traffic to your site
  • STEP 3:  In weeks 5 & 6 you'll be shown how to Scale up your Results predictably

Here's What You'll Receive Over the 6 Weeks...

(Over 50 Video Tutorials!)


Redefine How You Sell Your Service Online

Your Customers Journey

Understanding Visitor Intent

Your Convert Stage & Core Offer

Features v Benefits

Your USP

Identifying Your Customers

Define Your Customer Transformation

Your Deepest Benefit

Logic in Buying Decisions

Verify Your Customer Beliefs


Turning Your Web Site in to a Sales Machine

The Purpose of Your Site

Your Value Propositions

Your Homepage Design

Web Design Software

Writing for Your Prospects

Crafting Your Headline & Copy

Your Call to Action

Your Strong Guarantee

Fixing Your Leaky Cart

Surveys & Sales Copy


Awareness & Engagement - New Leads

Your Traffic Priority Strategy

GMB for 5 Star Free Traffic

Using Adwords for Targeted Traffic

Facebook Free Traffic Tactics

Video in Your Marketing

Lead Capture & Traffic Warmth

Your Lead Magnet

Your Lead Capture Page

Optimise Your Thankyou  Page

Your Follow Up Sequence


Higher Profits with Pixels & Funnels

The Incredible Pixels

Creating & Installing Pixels

Your Custom Audiences

Retargeting Your Leads

Types of Facebook Ads

Creating Facebook Ads

Scaling with Lookalikes

Segmenting Your Sales Funnel


Maximising The Value of Every Customer

Tracking & Split Testing

Tracking UTM Links

Google Analytics

Customer Value & Scaling

Increase Your Customer Value


Last Legs of the Customer Journey

Testimonials with Value

A Simple Social Proof Tool

Online Review Power

Spreading the Word

Affiliate Marketing Tactics

Your Action Plan!

Why this Masterclass Much More Than Just an Online Marketing Course...


You'll learn how to Reposition Your Business

How to sell your products and services for more money than you are today


You'll identify your Ideal Customers

How to clearly define your target market and identify exactly what they need


You'll learn how to Sell Your Services better

How to create a sales message that will resonate with the needs of your ideal market


You'll learn how to Create More Value

How to ensure you maximise the value of every client that your business serves

This course will change the way you do business both online and offline and will transform your results...

"What other Owners are Saying about the Masterclass...

Tim Cooper

Managing Director

Richard really knows his stuff when it comes to online marketing, he's had a big impact on the growth of my business.  He knows how to design web sites that sell, how to get them to rank and how to write great copy.  Now he's rolled everything he practices in to this excellent course that any small business owner will benefit from...

Theo Jordan


I've built a 6 figure business selling my shepherds huts thanks to Richard's help and knowledge.  I was originally selling occasional huts on Ebay until Richard taught me online marketing and showed me how to sell my huts for a lot more from a web site ... he manages my PPC campaign and the traffic from that has transformed my business ... I'd recommend this course to anyone who owns their own business...

Stuart Fossella


Richard came to me as a patient and we got talking about what he did for a living.  I've dabbled at this stuff to promote my business but now I'm getting direction, help and advice from someone who understands it all ... all of the modules in this course are full of gems that I'm now implementing to attract new clients ... it's well worth the price compared to what I've bought from other marketers in the past, highly recommended!

Get the 6 Week Masterclass Today and Transform Your Business

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If at any time in the next 30 days you're not completely happy with the Masterclass Course, then simply email me and request a full refund, and I'll personally credit you the full amount.  I'm confident you'll be blown away with what you learn!

Richard Taylor

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