Take Your Accountancy Practice to a New Level of Profitability with my Accountancy Alchemy Program

I've combined 3 proven lead generation strategies to produce a formula that delivers your ideal clients on demand every month … in as little as 28 days... 

Introducing my Premium Coaching Program for Accountancy Practice Owners...

The 28 Day Accountancy Alchemy Program

The Accountancy Alchemy Program is designed to take your current Accountancy Practice and set it and you on a new path to success.

My unique Alchemy program is specifically designed to help Accountants attract new clients using 3 strategies proven to work in todays market and then maximise their value to your practice.   

The result is a marketing process that will increase your Practice profitability and generate a significant return on your program investment.

In just 28 days , you'll have a plan, the direction and the tools you need to routinely generate all of the new clients you need on demand.

Who is this program for?

If you're the owner of an Accounting Practice and you're frustrated with your lack of growth, or you're working long days without reaping the rewards you deserve, then this course is for you because it will solve both of those problems for you.

This program is for you if you're not happy with the results you're currently getting and need help to get back on track for the success you set out to achieve.

This program is about Transformation.  You have to be committed to changing and leaving your current thinking behind you.  If you have that commitment and an openness to new ideas, then this Program is for you.

Over the next 4 weeks I'll walk you hand in hand through the program.  You'll watch the weekly training videos and complete the worksheets.  Each week we'll review your worksheets together and refine your new ideas and strategies ready for implementation in your business.

So why Alchemy?

Alchemists are best known for their pursuit through history of the ability to turn other metals in to Gold.  In this program we're combining three marketing channels with your unique value proposition to produce gold for your business in the form of new, profitable clients!  

Many of the older traditional marketing channels no longer work, instead lead generation has moved to a more digitally orientated world.   In this program we combine these new digitally focused strategies with the one traditional method that still works today ... word of mouth, to create a model that results in exponential growth . 

But the program doesn't stop with lead generation...

I also work with you to systematically improve your online conversions and offline marketing materials using a number of tools and templates to develop your USP, Client Experience and Value Propositions.  

The work we do together on these will literally set your business apart from other accountancy practices.

Direct Response Marketing...

Marketing a small business is all about getting immediate results.

In your business every penny you spend on advertising should be focused on getting your prospects to take immediate action.  You're spending money to generate new clients first and foremost.

So that's why I've built proven direct response marketing tactics in to this program, literally to get you results!

Take a look at what we'll cover in the 4 Week Program below...

Have you watched my complimentary Free Training Workshop?

If you haven't already, then you need to watch this Free 40 minute Workshop Video...

You'll learn a lot about everything I've talked about above and get a very clear picture of the results you can expect to achieve in the Alchemy Program.

Simply click on the green button to get immediate access to the training...

How the 4 Week Program works:


Wk1. Defining Your USP

Creating a Unique Selling Point and Value Propositions will clearly differentiate your Practice from your competition...


Wk2Google Domination 

I'll show you how to dominate Google in the coming months using tools and strategies that will deliver a wave of new enquiries...


Wk3. Your Virtual Sales Machine 

*I'll redesign and optimise your web site to promote your Value Propositions and attract more Search Engine traffic...


Wk4. Systemising Your Marketing

We'll design and implement systems to put your growth and customer satisfaction on autopilot...

Watch this 5 minute video below to see just how comprehensive the Program is...

Each week you'll receive new training videos, checklists, templates and worksheets.  

When you've watched the training and completed your worksheets we'll jump on a Skype call and review them together.  We'll then take your ideas and new tactics and implement them in your business.  If at any time prior to our calls you're stuck on the worksheets or unsure about an aspect of the training, you'll find me waiting to help via my personal email account or we'll hop on the phone.

* In week 3 we'll agree a new design for your web site based on your new Value Propositions and then I'll build it for you.  I'll also work on optimising your Google My Business Listing to show up in the leading search engine results alongside your web site.  * see Alchemy Lite below if you don't want a new web site...

Because we work together on implementing the Program contents in your business, the results you achieve are so much greater than if you were left alone to work through the training.

What My Clients Are Saying...


When you can access someone who really knows what they are talking about it's worth every penny. If you are thinking about calling him, just do it. 


Stu Fossella

Straight Back Physio


Richard's course increased my sales by 100% in less than 12 months - I wouldn't trust anyone else when I need marketing advice... 


Tim Cooper

Total Cleaning Solutions


I've built a 6 figure business from scratch with Richard's help.  His online marketing knowledge and lead generation has driven my growth...


Theo Jordan

Cowley Shepherds Huts

How to Get Started on the Program...

Book Your FREE Strategy Session Today

Before you commit, I'd like to make sure that you and your business are a good fit for the Program, and that I am a good fit for you, because it's not for everyone given the level of transformation we're seeking to achieve.  If you're ready to take your Practice to the next level, then book your complimentary 30 minute strategy session with me below and let's get your transformation process started...

If your application is successful you'll receive a

7 Days FREE Trial

Try Week 1 without paying a penny, including a 1 on 1 Coaching Call with me.

If you feel the program isn't for you then simply cancel at any time during the first 7 days.  If you decide to continue with the Program after the trial period, your payment will be processed on Day 8.  So you have nothing to lose by giving the program a spin but a lot to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much is the program?

The cost will be determined in your Strategy Session based on your current situation (size of practice, number of services, web site requirements etc) and what you're looking to achieve.  Your investment will be much, much lower than the added value we'll create in your business, your ROI will be very attractive!

Is my new web site included in the price?

Yes it is.  I build it and work on improving your rankings as part of the program.

What if I fall behind on the Worksheets?

I won't let you! :)   Our weekly Skype calls will keep you focused on achieving results.

Why can't I join without a Strategy Session call?

Because I want to ensure that I have availability and that you are a good fit for the program, meaning I can help your Practice to move to the level of results you desire.  I want to achieve great results for every participant. 

Is there a Guarantee?

You get a 7 days risk free trial of the program to allow you to determine if it's for you or not before you pay a penny.

What if I don't need a new web site?

You will.  After we've redefined your Value Proposition you'll quickly realise that your existing site is not selling your services as it should be.  I'll rewrite your copy to sell your new value proposition and at the same time optimise your new site to have the best chance of ranking on Google and in the 3 Pack Maps listing. However if you prefer your current designer to work on it, then take a look at the Alchemy Lite Program below...

How many hours a week do I need to commit?

This differs by Practice, but I'd say you should be prepared to commit 3 to 4 hours per week to the training, worksheets, calls and implementation of the actual tactics and ideas.  If you can't find the time then you definitely need to do the program!

Why not try my...

Lighter Alchemy Programs


Alchemy Course content delivered electronically over 4 weeks




  • All of the Training Videos
  • Delivered over 4 weeks
  • Workbooks included
  • Workbooks reviewed by email
  • Free Video Logo Animation

The Automated Chatbot

Sales Funnel




  • Week 1 Course Materials
  • Week 1 Skype Strategy Review
  • 1 Promo Video
  • Chatbot design & set-up
  • Facebook campaign set up

To sign up for the Full Accountancy Alchemy 28 Day Program, or any of the lighter versions above, simply click on the Book a Call Now buttons to set up a quick 30 minute call to make sure you choose the right course for your Practice (or use the Chat Box to send me any questions)...

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